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Introduction and Mold Primer
Mission Statement
Mold FAQ
Mold Classifications and Modes of Infection
Opportunity:  Moisture, Nutrients, Toxic Gases
1 November 2005
Medical Issues
Modes of Infection
12 October 2005
30 October 2005
9 September 2007
Mold Herbs
6 June 2008
8 October 2006
Amalgam Removal
17 October 2006
Pathogenicity: Mycotoxins and Hemolysins
21 October 2006
The Sense of Smell and Adrenal Exhaustion
6 October 2006
Mold Inhibition Experiments
6 June 2008
Photomicrographs:  Ingrid's Blood and Swiss Patient
Ingrid's Symptoms
Central Nervous System Symptoms
23 November 2005
Odor and Toxicity
23 November 2005
23 November 2005
Household Tips
Cleaning Agents with Fungicidal Properties
31 May 2008
Vacuum Cleanings and Filtration Methods
22 October 2006
16 June 2006
15 November 2005
Turmeric:  Antifungal Herb
12 October 2006
See Also:  Taste and Elements on DoshaBalance.com
Introduction to Herbs
7 August 2006
Antifungal Herbs
2 October 2006
Adaptogens and Stamina
2 October 2006
Mold in the News
3 October 2006
Links to News Stories
24 May 2007
Ingrid's Process
Introduction to Ingrid's Story
26 March 2006
First Response to Flood [Also UV Lights]
8 October 2005
Air Quality Tests
8 October 2005
Co-Existing with Mold: Pets Die
8 October 2005
Approaching the Statute of Limitations: Another Precious Soul Departs
8 October 2005
Ozone and Essential Oils
8 October 2005
See also Symptoms
Property Issues
Health and Property Dangers
Property Inspection [See additional links in next group of pages]
6 October 2005
Replacement Materials:  Floor Coverings & Paint
27 November 2005
HVAC Systems and Forced Air Heating & Cooling
7 December 2006
Mold testing


Particulate Counting
3 October 2006
Mold Dog Inspection
3 October 2006
Air Pressure: Movement of Air throughout a Structure
27 January 2006
Hidden Mold in Crawl Space
15 November 2005
Installation of Crawl Space Encapsulation
16 November 2005
CleanSpace Installation A-Z
11 December 2006
Duct Cleaning
3 October 2006
Garage Floor: Sealing Concrete
7 December 2006
Remediation Attire
7 December 2006
Particulates in Air
3 October 2006
Mold Dog: Inspection by Trained K-9
3 October 2006
Remediation Summary
5 October 2006
Remediation Links
Insurance Issues
Insurance Nightmares
1 October 2006
1 October 2006
Coming Soon
Penicillin:  the Story
Pau D'Arco
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