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Anti-Fungal Herbs


My favorite uncle wrote an incredible little book towards the end of his life.  He was an oceanographer who authored big tomes and a collection of his favorite thoughts.  My favorite was, "If you wish to understand Nature, do not disturb Her."

As we learned, mold's task is to decompose matter and speed the return to dust of what is dead (or dying.)  To become active, most people believe that mold requires humidity and warmth.  What better place to find this than the rain forest.  For a tree to survive in tropical jungles that are teeming with insects and mist, it must possess some magic that makes it impervious to all but the chainsaw!

Thus, we find the barks of many trees full of strange chemicals that either smell or taste so bad that the enemy is deterred or the compounds in the bark actually contain fungicidal properties.  We simply need to learn which trees have these gifts.  Fortunately, shamans and ethnobotanists have done this work for us.  Now, we just need to protect our tropical forests so that the medicine chests remain for future generations.

When I was still a school child, my mother began taking courses at UCLA.  One of these was about world politics and nuclear risks.  The professor had provided a list of foods that would still be safe to eat after a nuclear attack.  I don't know exactly why I remembered this, maybe because my mother was a fascinating person and good teacher.  She said that bananas have a peel that protects them completely but that all foods have some kind of protective layer.  For instance, the orange peels from which the TKO Orange cleaning product is made are both antimicrobial and fungicidal; and oranges were also on that list.

Later, as I developed the material for Kitchen Doctor and became very interested in cancer diets, I came to understand that something as common place as the potato has opposite chemistry in the peel as inside.  The peel is alkalizing and the insides are acidifying.  The alkalinity protects the potato from enemies the same way that bitter tasting barks protect what grows above ground.  Nature is truly amazing and we need to study Her to appreciate Her gifts.

My understanding of anti-fungal herbs is actually not all that sophisticated yet.  I expect to become much more schooled in these herbs in the years ahead, but I have already said that I owe my life to jatobá.  This said, I had the opportunity some months ago to study how Myco Extract worked on mold.  A Russian lady had spent twenty years going from doctor to doctor.  Most thought she was a hypochondriac because "nothing was wrong."  Her blood was full of mold with hyphae.   The white blood cells were avoiding the mold but after only a few hours of use of Myco, the hyphae broke and white blood cells began attacking.  Fascinating, really fascinating!

Ingrid Naiman
27 October 2005

Updated 7 August 2006

Jatoba Extract

Jatobá, 1 oz., $

Jatoba Extract

Jatobá, 2 oz., $

Jatoba Jungle Chai

Jatobá Jungle Chai ,
4.8 oz., $
Approximately 30 servings

Contains: Qat tea, jatoba, SolcanaT dried cane juice, cinnamon bark, orange peel, cloves, allspice, fennel seed, cardamom, and licorice root.


Kolorex, 60 softgels, $

Pau d'Arco

Pau d'Arco, 2 oz., $

Sun's Soma

Sun's Soma, Lung Formula, 2 oz., $

Tulsi Ear Oil

Tulsi Ear Oil, 1 oz., $




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