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Insulation Removal

Because the insulation in the crawl space was contaminated by exposure to mold—while the mold was growing, whenever the HVAC system or air pressure caused a disturbance under the house, and well as when the ground was raked in preparation for the installation of the CleanSpace System—the insulation had to be removed.

My chiropractor, Dr. Carl Botefuhr, has become very interested in mold and decided to suit himself up to perform this task.  Like me, he has a passion for research so he embarked on this adventure well prepared.

Remediation Attire This is the proper attire for doing mold remediation work.  These Tyvek suits can be purchased online for just a few dollars.  They should be thrown away after each use.  Some suits have foot coverings as well.  Carl preferred those and used them on subsequent journeys into the crawl space.
respirator Close up of the respirator.  This is a more expensive but essential part of the protection needed for safe remediation.


Trust me that Carl looks a lot better without his space suit, but this gear is critical to safe remediation.  Small areas of mold can be removed by someone with limited special skills and training, but safety is important.  In addition to the suit, respirator, and gloves, attention should be given to adequate fluid intake and breaks during which the person(s) performing the work inhale fresh air.  These breaks are necessary every 30-45 minutes.


Ingrid Naiman
3 October 2006


P.S.  This page elicited quite a bit of feedback from visitors.  Those who have dealt with severe mold issues noted that Carl did not tape the sleeves of his Tyvek suit to his gloves.  Inexperienced people may say there needs to be a limit to the pickiness, but the commentators were absolutely correct.

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