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particulate Count


The object of measuring particulates is to see what is airborne and whether there is sporulating mold.  In lay language, we might say it helps us to determine whether or not spores are being released into the air.  If particulates the same size as mold are found, it would indicate mold activity.  The device used to take the measurements is called a laser particle counter.


This photo shows Sarah Keck of Paws for Health taking a reading of airborne particulates. Indoor and outdoor samples are compared.  Readings were taken in the crawl space, attic over the garage as well as house, every room of the house, and garage.


Particular Readout
A series of measurements are taken and displayed.
The numbers!  The significance depends on several factors, including the comparison between indoor and outdoor samples as well as the exact particle sizes that show elevated counts.


No one is going to have a zero count because these devices measure everything in the air.  Only three of the readings are actually relevant to mold.  The numbers have very little significance unless the difference between indoor and outdoor air is marked.  Today, most of my house had better air quality than outdoors.  Between the readings on the laser particle counter, visual inspection, and the mold dog, the house was given a clean bill of health.


Ingrid Naiman
3 October 2006

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