Law suits are a nightmare.  The process is slow and inhumane.  There are long periods of non-responsiveness.  One cannot just sit around; one has to continue living. I waived medical claims, largely because I wanted to concentrate on getting well as opposed to proving I was damaged.  It's a long story, but I believe I made the right choice for myself even though I know I am not yet 100% cured of mold infection.  This said, I have no respect for the insurance company or its attorneys.

I began flying back and forth to Europe.  I've made seven trips in the last two years.  Since the first sight of mold in my blood, I have gone on to see dozens more people with various types of mold infection.  I have become really interested in medical mycology and will develop my presentation of the health part of this site after writing a few more personal tales.

At this juncture, I have tried truly a lot of strategies.

Besides the UV light in my duct system, which for the record cost about $1250, I have used several different ozone machines and some negative ion generators.

With the initial ozone machine, the odor was so terrible that it was impossible to stay in the room with it.  We ran it the entire time the house was drying, but only with the door to the flooded area closed.

Later, a colleague recommended a type of ozone machine that doubles as an essential oil diffuser.  The first time I used it, in my bedroom, I had to get up to pass water every 20-30 minutes.  I lost 12 pounds that night and had such a flood of mucus streaming out my nostrils when I got up that I could barely capture it all in a handful of tissues.  For those trying to lose weight, I do not at all advise this method, and I doubt anyone would lose another 12 pounds the second night.

I have since discussed this occurrence with a few colleagues.  They state that most people exposed to mold have a minimum weight gain of 35 pounds, this when working eight hours a day in a contaminated office.  My theory is that this is how the body defends itself:  it dilutes the toxins by retaining water.

To be honest, I sell some ozone machines, but I am not too keen on them even though I have been using one or another type of air filtration, all of which output some ozone, constantly for nearly five years now.  There is such a thing as a safe level of exposure, but it must not be exceeded.  There are some outrageous claims that ozone will penetrate walls and kill mold that is growing between the walls.  This is totally untrue.  Moreover, contaminated materials must be removed because dead spores can be allergenic and they remain toxic whether viable or not.

I have read countless reviews of various air filtration devices.  I would suggest you go online and check out some reviews.  Be sure to read several different opinions.  The issue with ozone is that while it can destroy some molds, one needs more ozone than is safe for people and pets and plants, not to mention high tech equipment and other things.  Moreover, regardless of the efficiency of the ozone, the contaminated materials must be removed so remediation is really the only solution.

Granted, you can try to co-exist, as I have been doing, but unless you are in a situation that seems as impossible as mine, I suggest what others have suggested to me:  move.  This is especially true if you have small children or people with respiratory complaints.

Essential Oils

I have tried essential oils.  I think they help also.  However, you must use them carefully or you will have side effects.  Helena used a lot of essential oils, mainly frankincense, but it didn't save her life.  I think the frankincense was recommended to her because of the cancer; the mold connection was never totally brought into focus.  I think cinnamon and /or wild oregano oil would be more effective against mold than any of the different frankincenses.

From the experiments I have run on myself, I am reasonably confident that while mold is not safe for anyone, the symptoms of severe neurological deterioration can be alleviated.  Allergic reactions, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, slurring, itchy eyes, runny nose, speech problems, memory losses, and so on and so forth can be corrected only with the right remediation protocols.  This goes against the common wisdom which argues that damage to the central nervous system is irreversible.  I simply do not believe this, but it may take another year or two to conduct the studies necessary to convince others.

Skin Tags

Another unpleasant development I had was skin tags.  They grew on the parts of my body that had the most moisture, like behind my knees and inside my elbows, and worst of all, on my eyelids.  Almost all of these have disappeared since starting the herbal formulas.

Most of my experiments have been on myself, and I am not proud of some of my failures.  In fact, I am sometimes overcome with remorse, but there has always been a "fix" in plain sight, arm's reach, and then another obstacle and delay would arise.  It's not an excuse, but I did not know where the road was leading.  As I said, if I had known, I definitely would not have taken that road.  My only hope at this time is that my experiences will help others.  Therefore, I have started this site and will continue to share the nuggets as I find them.


With blessings!

Ingrid Naiman
8 October 2005


Academic Background

B.A. in Asian Studies from the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, 1962
M.A. in Economics from Yale University, 1964
M.D.M.A. from Medicina Alternativa in Copenhagen, 1987
D.Sc. (honorary) from the Open International University in Sri Lanka, 1995




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