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There are many people who have spent their entire lives studying immunity.  I will not copy them, repeat what has already been said, nor gloss over this important topic.  Rather, I hope to contribute something that is more thought provoking and ultimately empowering.

When the AIDS epidemic began, I developed a theory of immunity that was based on observations made in my clinic.  I had studied Eastern philosophy and Ayurveda for years and had a theory about energy being in a state of magnetic attraction, radiatory expenditure, or neutrality.  I published an article in a metaphysical magazine in the late 70s on this subject and then wrote a very short book about Immunity some years later.  It's not irrelevant today, but it is perhaps not practical enough for readers of this site.

My central thesis was that unlike the skeletal system and muscular system or even the digestive system, there is really nothing that can be precisely labeled an immune system.  There are, however, many immune functions, and these are important because understanding them gives you more ability to influence what is happening in your body.

You might say that immunity consists of:

(1) resistance, the power to thwart an invader or potential pathogen so as to reduce its danger to you;

(2) self awareness so that the self and not-self are clearly recognized and attack forces can target foreign organisms;

(3) protection, such as avoidance of risks;

(4) healthy white blood cells.

I believed that tougher membranes augmented the power to rebuff harmful organisms and that this ruggedness is primarily determined by the viscosity on the surface of cells, usually a lipid membrane.  I studied culinary and supplemental oils for many years and eventually came to accept that ghee, made from non-GMO butter, is probably the best source of fats.  Moreover, just as stated in Ayurvedic texts, it seems to increase immunity.

How did I come to this conclusion?  Well, I was consulting in Germany where nearly every patient proudly confided that he or she used the very finest extra virgin olive oil.  I do not know who buys the lesser grade, no one I met in Europe ever claimed to be using anything but the best.  Then, one day, I was looking at the blood of someone from Sri Lanka and noted that it was far and away nicer looking than that of others I had been seeing.  Then, there was another Sri Lankan and when I was in Switzerland, I had the same experience looking at the blood of a Pakistani man.  I immediately proposed that some patients experiment by switching to ghee.  The improvement was dramatic.

We have to be very careful about oils because they are marvelous sources of rancidity and other horrors.  Almost no oil is processed properly and there is always a new kid on the block.  For instance, when margarine was first introduced, there was a holy war between the butter and margarine industries and countless researchers were discredited, fired, and sabotaged for their heresies, nearly all of which were economic not medical.

When canola oil appeared, I was very suspicious because it had so much press behind it that I figured very big money was involved.  I was right, very big, as in the evil of evils, Monsanto and its genetically modified rape seed, which was recalled on at least one occasion.  It's everywhere, including the roadsides of Europe where it is being used to make biodiesel fuel, but let's stay focused and keep in mind that big investments mean lots of advertising and promotion but safety is usually not the main issue.

I have looked at the blood of hundreds of people.  Trust me:  ghee produces exactly what I want to see, but it must be of a good quality.

Avoidance of Risks

Some of the points I made at the outset were almost esoteric, but protection includes avoidance of risk.  These risks are so numerous that any attempt to itemize them would result in more omissions than inclusions.  Suffice it to say that when margins have been eroded by mold exposure and prolonged illness, more caution is indicated.  The single most important precaution might be avoidance of further exposure:  remediate or leave.

Next, avoid everything with strong odors as well as strong radiation.  This means x-rays as well as the radiation emitted by cell phones.  Get rid of the microwave oven and do not eat food in restaurants that has been prepared or warmed up in a microwave oven.  

In my opinion, chlorinated and fluoridated water are dangerous as are all the toxic metals, this whether they come from amalgams in the teeth or mercury in vaccines or fish or aluminum from pots and pans, foil, and wrappers.

Be really careful of pharmaceutical medicines, including vitamins and supplements, that might have used viral or fungal components as part of the manufacturing process.

White Blood Cells

There are several types of white blood cells, but from everything I have observed in live blood examinations, all the abnormal conditions are sooner or later addressed by the white blood cells.

Think of your red and white blood cells as swimming in a sea of plasma.  If this sea contains harsh chemicals, both the red and white blood cells are damaged.  Depending on what is causing the damage, the red and white blood cells may become inefficient or die.  It's impossible for them to perform optimally if the plasma contains toxic substances, if it is pH imbalanced, or if the cells are not getting the nutrients they need in order to be formed properly.

So, your diet as well as your health aids, whether prescription or natural, are important. 

I mentioned nearly a year ago, white blood cells tend to avoid mold.  If they are not fast enough, they are destroyed by mold.  However, after taking Myco, what I saw was that the hyphae broke and then the white blood cells attacked the hyphae, very carefully, at the precise places of the ruptures.  This was the first time I had ever seen this and it was a wonderful insight into how this particular herbal formula works in a clinical situation.

To help people understand this, I have to compare this action to other herbal actions.  In most herbal literature, the properties of herbs are described as immune enhancing or T-cell potentiating or something like this.  Basically, what I see in the microscope is that the herbs either increase the motility and appetites of white blood cells so that they are more efficient in their debris clean up or they increase the tolerance of white blood cells to toxins.  This is incredibly important because it means that even if ingesting something very nasty, some herbs help the white blood cells to survive.  Without this support, what I often see is that the white blood cells either break on the edges and die or they become fuzzy and then incompetent.

The higher the toxicity, the faster white blood cells succumb, meaning the body uses enormous resources to produce more and more workers but if the plasma is full of hazards, this doesn't really help much.

Personal Note

As you all know, contrary to some of my other writings, this is the first time I have written so extensively on a condition that has affected me personally.  Very early on in my mold battle, I removed the rest of my amalgams.  This was a tedious task because I was intolerant of the bonding agents used to cement the Cerec restorations and I was so weak that it took a long time to get all the anesthetics and such out of my system.  However, I think this paid off and I would surely recommend that others at least consider the difficulty of healing when the body is overtaxed.

I took so many formulas that I don't think I could even begin to list all of them.  I know I guzzled herbs like my life depended on them.  To be really honest, I was most afraid of my loss of visual acuity.  My eyes itched so much that I often could not see clearly enough to read my computer monitor until late in the morning and sometimes not then.  Of course, I worried about my brain and fatigue and everything else, but my eyes were my Achilles heel.  I am so relieved not to have this deep sense of vulnerability any more, but I do not consider myself cured.

As I wrote recently, when I took Whale's Tears, I saw dramatic progress in my blood.  It's my own formula.  I developed it several years ago for totally different purposes, but it's a very powerful immune formula.  I am guessing it's one of the strongest formulas made; it's also unique because it contains very small amounts essential oils as well as herbs.

Before this, I felt that mold was having two enormously destructive effects that I was not sure were entirely manageable.  I had seen how to disrupt the hyphae, meaning the feeding tubes that support growth could be disturbed, but I had not actually seen the blood revert to normal.  It had no microbial activity and did not die in the usual way.  I could not call it sterile because the mold was still decomposing both red and white blood cells, but there were no microbes.

What this meant is that there were still chemical imbalances, risks, and concerns.  How can I put this in perspective?  I no longer have symptoms of allergies and I am functional, but it would be an enormous exaggeration to say I am out of the woods.  Therefore, the next stages of my own process, which I will continue to share, will be how to remove all signs of mold infection and regenerate any organs that have been damaged by years of exposure to mold.


Many blessings,

Ingrid Naiman
8 October 2006

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