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Through heartbreak and horrendous guilt, I believe I have earned the right to speak out on mold . . . and to share some of the things I am now doing to protect my pets.  When I moved to the Northwest, I had two dogs and seven birds.  Now, I have five graves and one dog and three birds.

Sonya Fitzpatrick was my absolute favorite TV entertainer.  I miss not being able to see The Pet Psychic any more, but hopefully there will be more programs or reruns.  She taught us so much about what animals feel, what they know, and how they die, including what sorts of products found in the home are potentially hazardous to pets.

I run a tremendous amount of filtration (without ozone) in my bird room, but some years ago already, I began giving the birds antifungal spices.  The bigger birds would chew on cinnamon sticks but the little ones ignored these presents, and they are the ones who died.  Of course, their little lungs were more vulnerable.

Celeste with Cinnamon Just how wonderful is cinnamon?  Take a look at Celeste.  She was born on the island of Tinimbar in Indonesia.  When I gave her a cinnamon stick, she immediately split it.  After chewing the end a little, she rubbed it under her wings.  On this somewhat strange photo, you see her holding one piece in her right claw and another in her beak.  Her eyes are partly closed, totally blissed.

My mother always told me never to give moldy bread to wild birds because once a fungus got into the crop, there is no way for the bird to get rid of mold.  I have always been careful of what I fed both indoor and outdoor birds, but with each horrible experience, my skills improved a bit.

Now, in addition to cinnamon sticks and all sorts of herbs and spices such as fennel seeds, dill seeds, slices of galangal, and astragalus sticks, I make a sort of muesli for the birds.  Of course, I add lycium or goji berries, bilberries, and nuts to this mixture.

P.S. If you find a lot of typos, it's because Fiesta can be very distracting!

I put a couple of drops of Myco Extract into muesli.  They love muesli and don't seem to object at all to the nasty taste of Myco.  Everyone has been happier and healthier since I started this.  I don't cook the muesli.  I just pour a little hot water over the mixture and then add one or two drops of Myco for Fiesta and maybe 5-6 drops for Sky and Celeste.  I am hoping this gets the Myco into the crop!

For Tundra, my dog, I put everything into capsules and then into the pill  pockets that I get at the local pet shop.  These smell like beef jerky and she likes them so much that she obligingly takes her medicine.  Since starting this, she has been friskier and her coat looks a lot better.

I have also thrown out the carpeting in all rooms of the house and washed Tundra's bedding in TKO Orange with cinnamon oil.  I thought she would fuss about the smell but she likes it and has not thrown up since I began these strategies.  Before, she was vomiting a lot.

Ingrid Naiman
27 October 2005

Updated 16 June 2006

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