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Mission Statement

This page was originally posted on Monday, May 17, 2004, and the first question visitors have every reason to ask is why yet another web site on mold. The answer is that despite all the many sites on the web, I feel I have something original to offer.  It is not that any single idea is new or different, for whatever I know, I have learned from others or from my own experience, but the way one sews the pieces together is always new so each tapestry is different.

I am an author in the field of holistic medicine and have been brooding over the issue of mold for a number of years.  My purpose is to raise consciousness surrounding mold, to help people understand both the hazards of mold as well as its role as a decomposer of living matter.  It is my hope that once people come to understand the risks of cohabiting with mold that they will take adequate measures to reduce those risks and recover health and the opportunities that life has to offer.

As I explain in my story, the "mold journey" began as a personal issue, but it rapidly transformed itself into something far larger.  Mold is dangerous, very dangerous.  Since the time of my own first exposure, I have lost a number of friends to mold-related illnesses.  My beloved Akita, Bhakti, died, probably of mold infection.  I have also lost three parakeets—Snow, Ajna, and Rico—and, on my recent birthday, one of my sun conures, Mango, died.

Mold is a sad companion.  As the days go on and I find the time to add to this site, I will tell stories that are happier than my own . . . as well as some that are even more heart-breaking.  I will also try to show what has helped and what, despite promises, failed to help to the extent required.  I invite you to join me on the quest for wellness and to share your own experiences.

Ingrid Naiman



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