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Allergy Symptoms


Now comes the really hard part of this section.  This includes those symptoms that are most directly correlated to allergic responses to mold.  These are the ones upon which there is the most professional agreement, but they are also the most persistent . . . because the mold problem has not been eliminated.

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Allergic Responses

Not everyone is allergic to mold, but those who are have different symptoms.  The condescending language of medicine makes it seem that allergies are inappropriate responses to "normal" substances, but molds are not necessarily benign.  Even the so-called non-toxic molds can be irritating because they sporulate and outgas and produce dust and other burdens on the respiratory system.  Moreover, I will maintain that regardless of what others believe, the purpose of mold is to decompose materials, supposedly only dead materials, but they feast on living plants, animals, and people as well as decaying ones.  I therefore do not believe that mold is harmless; however, I do concur with the experts that some molds are more toxic than others.

I happen to be allergic to mushrooms so it's possible I am having a tougher time in the house than someone else might have.  This said, I do not think the amount of dust is safe for anyone, and I have more or less said my piece on the destructiveness of toxic molds.

I do not believe that any of my allergic symptoms will go away until the mold is remediated properly.  However, it is also true that many symptoms subside in only a few hours away from the house.  This includes the itchy eyes.

Itchy Eyes

This is perhaps a classic allergy symptom, but there are molds associated with very severe eye conditions, ones that can cause blindness or even cancer of the eyes.  I lived in terror of blindness for much of the time I have been in this house and I tried to minimize my risk with various eye drops, tonics, and air filtration systems.  I don't think any of them work.  Perhaps, I have managed to preserve some of the integrity of my eyes through use of eyebright and other such herbs, but there have been times when everything was so blurry that I couldn't read anything on my computer screen.  I was therefore relieved to discover that I had none of these problems, none at all, when I was away from the house.

Mucus Discharges

At times these discharges were so profuse that I had to cup my hands and run to the wash basin.  I described the use of ozone early on in my ordeal.  I lost 12 pounds that night.  Obviously, the weight gain referred to on the previous page is due more to fluid retention than fat.  My theory is that by destroying the viability of the mold, my body relaxed and the adrenals became quiet enough for my kidneys to function.  I had to get up every few minutes to pass water and I discharged totally amazing amounts of mucus from my nostrils.  This was a turning point for some symptoms, like the disorientation and dizziness.  It also marked the return mental clarity, but the discharge has continued in varying degrees to this time though it has been less since the crawl space was sealed.

Sneezing and Coughing

I believe that sneezing is caused by irritation of the nostrils due to musty as well as chemical vapor odors whereas coughing is related to deep lung infection and attempts on the part of the body to expectorate.  The sneezing got worse after the installation of the encapsulation system.

Coughing has been a nightmare.  In the months leading up to the decision to remediate at my own expense without waiting for the insurance company, I had begun coughing blood, first tiny amounts and then one day, there was actually an alarming amount of blood.  I began taking a special fungal lung formula.  In about two months, the coughing all but stopped . . . until the encapsulation was done.

This is not my formula.  It was a gift from the laboratory that produces my formulas and our historic formulas, recreated from the legacies of the healers who went before us.  It worked so well for me that I asked if we could allow others to use it.  It is now called Sun's Soma, a long story, but it is in honor of Helena, my first great teacher on mold.

Emotional Stressors

Obviously, there is no cure for these conditions until I can get my life on track.  This five-year battle with mold has been costly on all fronts.  However, I will wait until the case is settled before going into more details.  At this point, I would say that the main medicine for this stress has been philosophical—though jatobá is a wonderful adrenal aid. 

Global Situation

I see my situation as a miniature version of what we are seeing on a far larger scale in the economic and political worlds.  The bottom line is that corporations have hijacked governments, not just in this country but in many others.  They pitch their products to the public and then swear allegiance to the bottom line.  Cynical insiders on the lecture circuit state that this is a duty:  corporations are run for the benefit of stockholders, not customers; however, the truth is many corporations purport to render a service.  The question is whether or not they do, in fact, have an obligation to provide reasonable products and services.  Personally, I think they do have this responsibility, but the worship of profit makes for a dilemma that, at the moment, is devoid of moral and ethical oversight.  Since I am a reformer, I have to hold my ground.  This said, I have no interest whatsoever in the house per se.  I simply recognize that the house is as potentially dangerous to other inhabitants as to myself so it has to be fixed.  I am the one who appreciates this fact the most.  I wish I had the resources to live elsewhere while it is undergoing its cure.

I believe that by sharing my story, the epidemic denial in the health care industry, insurance industry, and building industry will be challenged.  My purpose at this juncture is to force reform, and if it takes the will power of an Erin Brockowitz, so be it.


Ingrid Naiman
23 November 2005

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